Post Covid life: Rolling with the punches

An excellent to-the-point read on impact of the pandemic at a personal level.

Fat Ninja

Almost a year ago, coronavirus took us by storm. Unexpectedly, our lives came to a screeching halt. There is still not a number to describe the amount of lives lost. Only a handful managed to keep their jobs and it’s not possible to imagine how many families were destroyed in the process. Let’s not everything on the virus, the governments and the people made life more difficult with their absurd antics time to time. 2020 was a year of despair and life changing all humans, for better or worse.

People are still trying to adjust their life to the ‘new normal’ as some of the vaccines start finding their feet. But it does not look good. Economically, nations are unstable as ever with companies finding it hard to survive. Industries are recovering but there are still a lot of room for improvement in each of these sectors. People are still…

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Travelling in Trains: Not So New Normal

The "new" normal has been in place since April, 2020 and have now become the old normal, i.e. just normal. And while this normal has woven itself into every aspect of our life, one of the major sites where the new normal can be visualised with clarity is the local train. The ones that appear … Continue reading Travelling in Trains: Not So New Normal

Healthy and Unhealthy Self Esteem

As, you might already know, there are many contributing factors that influence a person’s self-esteem. It’s incredibly important, too, to understand what factors influence your self-worth. Why? Because these factors can drastically improve or harm your self-confidence. Having low self-esteem can prevent you from doing such things as building healthy relationships, rising in your career, … Continue reading Healthy and Unhealthy Self Esteem

How Disliking Examinations Led to this Post

Exams, generally speaking, have failed to endear themselves to me till date. Something about the unhealthy amount of stress they add to my already stress-filled life didn't make them very attractive to me (imagine that). As such, me and examination halls try to maintain healthy social distances. Yet, as life would have it, several factors … Continue reading How Disliking Examinations Led to this Post